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Joias da Amazônia

Cristalino Set

Cristalino Set

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The Cristalino Set is part of our Natural Gold Collection, a collection designed to guide you to the energy of the earth and the beauty of Jalapão's nature through jewelry made with delicate strands of golden grass.
Capim Dourado, the vegetable gold of Brazil, is born in the lands of Jalapão and is transformed into stunning works of art by talented hands.
Our artisans dedicate care and love to every detail, transmitting the sensation that emanates from the Jalapão dunes directly to you.

We present the cristalino Set, one of our creations to provide you with this unique experience of energy and style:

- Turquoise Necklace: The harmony between the golden color and the turquoise blue stone, intertwined with threads of golden grass and silk.

- Wave Earrings: The elegance of the golden color and the unique texture of golden grass in the shape of waves.

- Açaí Bracelet: An explosion of colors with natural açaí seeds.

- Emerald Bracelet: The shine of golden grass receives an aura of energetic balance with the healing and hopeful properties emanating from green quartz.

The exclusive combination between the delicacy of the Turquoise Necklace, the fluidity of the Onda Earrings, the authenticity of the Açaí Bracelet and the shine of the Emerald Bracelet are waiting for you.

Take with you a little piece of Jalapão's treasure, transforming your daily journey with an essentially natural and unparalleled style.

Gold-plated metal (3 thousandths of gold) (CNJ 006)
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