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Joias da Amazônia

Paxiúba Necklace

Paxiúba Necklace

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The importance of preserving the Amazon and adopting a more conscious lifestyle, choosing jewelry produced sustainably and with materials offered by Mother Nature herself.

All the seeds that fall from the palm trees, all the leaves left on the ground, all the wood that grows strong and all the stones sown in the forest are shaped into unique jewels.

And it is with this vision that Joias da Amazônia, through an alliance with the forest and its people, was born to perfect what comes from nature and transform it into pieces with incredible energy that elevates those who wear them.

See this example of the Paxiúba Necklace made with natural açaí and paxiúba seeds and an exclusive accessory that adds elegance and sustainability to your style.
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