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Joias da Amazônia

Mara-Mara Necklace

Mara-Mara Necklace

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Explore the time and ancestral traditions of Amazonian indigenous culture with the Mara-Mara Necklace.

This necklace, a testament to the artisanal skill made with natural açaí and mara-mara seeds, is a mosaic that captures the heart of the Amazon and the ancestral energy of the original people flowing through it.

Each seed intertwined in this piece carries centuries of wisdom, a deep connection to the earth, and an unwavering respect for nature.

Feel the soft texture of the açaí seeds, symbolizing the abundance and abundant life of the forest, allowing its richness and vitality to flow through you.

Touch the mara-mara seeds, originating from the majestic trees that reach impressive heights, and feel the peace and wisdom that the forest generously shares.

These seeds that adorn the Mara-Mara Necklace are not mere decorations: they are a precious heritage of indigenous communities, passed down through generations.

Wearing this piece, you become a living part of this story.

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