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Joias da Amazônia

Jupati Earrings

Jupati Earrings

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By wearing earrings made with these seeds you are connecting with the force of nature, revitalizing your spirit and absorbing the vitality of the Amazon.

It's like taking a little piece of the forest, carrying with you the energizing properties of these seeds.

Jupati seeds are valued for their durability and resistance.

They symbolize the ability to resist life's adversities and prosper, just like the trees that produce them.

Wearing earrings made from jupati seeds means incorporating nature's resilience into your own journey.

The color turquoise blue evokes a feeling of serenity, balance and harmony.

It is associated with water and the sky, elements that represent purity and tranquility.

By wearing turquoise blue earrings you are inviting calm and peace into your life.

It's like diving into the crystal clear waters of the Amazon, where nature flows in its purest state.

By combining all these elements, Jupati Earrings become carriers of deep meanings, connecting you to the energy of the Amazon, the resilience of nature and the serenity of the sky and water.

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